Nina holds a Degree in Art History from University of Pennsylvania and is passionate about identifying simple solutions to the most complex problems, effective teams, and leveraging her world perspective to create a vibration of healing and tolerance throughout the world. Kevin currently manages several websites regarding self realization and healing. Kevin and Nina also operate a thriving re-sale business online of collectible treasures. Kevin has previously managed many independent businesses over the years either building things, driving people around (the taxi driver), re-selling useful merchandise or creative writing.

Kevin and Nina became a couple in 1985 and have become an unstoppable team. Not wasting any opportunity through the years to identify problems, injustices, mis-directions and noise. And what does it all mean to all of us and to Kevin and Nina? Both are originally from Philadelphia, Pa Metropolitan Area. Now in a desert in Oregon. Many of their personal experiences occurred in or around that city since they came to Earth circa 1960.

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Revealed at age 7 in 1967. 55 years of living and contemplation and 36 with Nina, my life partner. Pic is Guru Bawa, spiritual leader.